☠️Survival Game Theory (SGT)

As mentioned before, each SGT will be a token or series of tokens released as game pieces. These game pieces are used to determine the Survivors and losers. SGT's will be traded in similar fashion as any other token. The objective is to survive the tasks and challenges that come with each SGT. Each game will have different rules therefore each time a new one is released, this will be the official book of rules. At the end of each game set there will only be one surviving SGT, those holders will win the prize pool that accumulates over the course of time. As each SGT holder will receive reflections of SDAO, these are very important to use wisely. As challenges arise, these tokens can be used as immunity, buy special perks, or damage another SGT. Strategy and skill will prevail in the end.

Each round of each SGT will have immunity passes available. These passes will be limited but will gaurantee you make it to the final round.


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