Survival of Bulls (SOB)

SOB will be our first SGT that is released. There will be a total of 10 tokens released that represent these games. SOB will begin between 1 and 2 weeks after the start of SDAO. This survival challenge will test your skills with following current market prices, volume, and price action from 10 of the top 25 coins listed on Coinmarketcap. The above mentioned data points are calculated in a ranking system then averaged out to produce a numerical rank 1-10, the overall rank will update each time the api updates. The ranking system formula may change but will always include the same data points. The SGT's or game pieces will consist of SOBbtc, SOBeth, SOBbnb, SOBxrp, SOBada, SOBdoge, SOBsol, SOBmatic, SOBshib, SOBltc. These game pieces will be stealth launched and also distributed to all SDAO holders. The data will refresh multiple times a day, allowing users to see how the main coin is performing. The main objective is to hold what SOBxxx you think will have the best rank. The lower the overall score, the higher the rank in the game. The higher you rank the better chance you survive that week and move on to the following week.

As seen in the chart above, all data points are a direct import from CMC pro API. The chart shows the coin, 24 hour volume, 24 hour volume change, 7 day price change and 24 hour price change. Each category is given a ranking. This data is displayed in real time based on the "Last Update" time. Once the official ranking is announced (every Monday) each SOBxxx will have 24 hours to decide if they want to sacrifice to ensure passing to the next round. (The Telegram chat will have rooms setup for each SOBxxx to discuss strategy) If a SOB makes enough sacrifice, immunity is granted and they automatically advance to the next round. A sacrifice will consist of 50,000 SDAO tokens (subject to change) being sent to any SOB token contracts, these tokens will no longer be in play. The supply of each SOB will be 100,000,000. Each SOB will have 3 sets of Punishment tokens, these are sold for each round there is a losing team, with a max of 3 sales. The proceeds from each sell then gets split between the other SOB's, the DAO treasury, and lastly the SGT survivor pool. After 3 losses that particular SOB is out of the game. For SOB fees will be as follows: *3% SGT Survivor Pool *1% operations *1.5% SDAO Treasury *1.5% Buyback of SDAO, distributed to SGT holders (similar to reflections, these can be sold or used for sacrifices) In the event that there is a tie on any given week, the loser will be decided by additional Survival scores by random number generation. If all teams meet the sacrifice requirements there is no loser and every team advances to the next round. When the last two teams are left, we will calculate weekly scores without the survival score (random number generation). We will hold the contest for 3 weeks with the winner being determined by the best out of two weeks. If any team plays immunity, both teams move on to the next week and that week is considered null.

The Surviving team will have rights to the SGT survival pool. All participants will receive distribution relative to their SOB holdings of the surviving SOB. Please be aware at any given time along the journey, that side challenges may pop up. HOLD * EARN * PLAY * SURVIVE

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