🔥Survival DAO (SDAO)

Survival DAO is an ERC20 on top of BNB Smart Chain (Ethereum soon). The token has a set fee of 7% on Buys/sells. These fees are used for MRS and operations. Not only do holders have the ability to vote via the DAO for rewards and reward distribution, holders will also have the option to survive in each SGT released. The objective to each SGT is simple, SURVIVE.

Each SGT will be released as an ERC20 token. These tokens act as game pieces. Not only does each SGT help feed rewards into the DAO treasury, there will be a survival prize for the surviving SGT at the end of each competition.


  • 100,000,000 Million total supply

  • 7% Buy/Sell Fee

  • 3% DAO Treasury (DAO votes on reward token and distribution)

  • 3% Operations/Marketing

  • 1% Rewards/Buy Back


  • Phase 1 Survival DAO created Survival DAO launch Coinmarketcap & Coingecko Community Building First SGT released DAO voting, rewards distributed

  • Phase 2 Partnerships Second SGT released SDAO website refresh Community building DAO voting, rewards distributed

  • Phase 3 Partnership expansion Third SGT released Survival celebrations SDAO app DAO voting, rewards distributed

Please make sure that you are aware of the rules. When participating in SGT's you could potentially be on the losing team. Please understand there are no guarantees and no refunds. We are not responsible for your loss, this is a game of skill and SURVIVAL. Note private tokens which result in 8% of total supply release at time of launch.

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