Survival DAO or SDAO is the core protocol created for the multilevel rewards system and users to compete in a series of tasks, challenges and games we call Survival Game Theory or SGT's. Survival DAO offers a Multi level Reward System that includes a DAO reward treasury. SDAO members vote on what coins to reward (such as BTC, ETH, BNB, BUSD) and when to reward them. SGT's are games that are created by SDAO. Each SGT is issued as a token which acts as a game piece.

The objective is simple, hold SDAO to earn Rewards from the treasury such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, hold SDAO and receive SGT tokens, participate in SGT's to earn SDAO reflections, be part of the SGT that SURVIVES and be rewarded from the prize pool with BUSD. Hold * Play * Earn * SURVIVE

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