🤑Multilevel Reward System (MRS)

As one of the main features of SDAO, holders benefit from the various methods to reward the users. This not only builds strong community but also gives the chance for anyone participating to earn rewards. The main rewarding function is through the DAO Treasury. The treasury is held within the token smart contract. Holder's have the ability to vote on what tokens to send to the treasury as rewards and when to distribute them. For example if week one users choose BUSD and then week 2 they choose BNB. The smart contract has the ability to change the reward token for the treasury. The treasury rewards then can be voted to be distributed to all SDAO token holder proportianately.

There is also a Reward fee, this fee is for popup competitions, various prizes along the way and SGT prizes. With being a SDAO holder, every holder will receive distributions of every SGT that is created. These will be issued based on the amount of SDAO you hold.

MRS and SGT's

As mentioned previously, SGT's are tokens that are issued as game pieces. Each SGT will be a different token therefore will have different rewards and different fees.

The fees collected with each SGT feed rewards to the DAO treasury, operations, Buybacks of SDAO and the SGT Survivor pool.

For the first SGT fees will be as follows: *3% SGT Survivor Pool *1% operations *1.5% SDAO Treasury *1.5% Buyback of SDAO, distributed to SGT holders (similar to baby token)


One of the most powerful tools for marketing is word of mouth. Not only will there be strategic partners, but part of our objective is to allow you the community to earn from the marketing budget. This will be done through various campaigns on different social media platforms along with referral systems. This helps stregthen our community but also give back to the individuals that help expand our community.

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